Granny Flats

Granny Flats

Expert Granny Flat builders in Homebush, NSW – Armour Building

Are you wondering what Granny flats are?

Well, it is a self-contained accommodation residing on the same property as your main home. A granny flat can be separate from the main house or can be linked. It is a well-liked method for families to accommodate aging parents, it is frequently referred to as a granny flat.

Granny flats are so much in trend now and we have the expertise to build a perfect as well as ideal granny flat for you. You can have so much space if you have a granny house.

Are you looking Granny Flat Building expert in Homebush?

Armour Building is an expert Granny Flats Builder in Homebush,  NSW, Australia who offers best designs, approvals & quality construction at affordable price.

Building Granny flats is not an easy task, it needs knowledge of each aspect and expertise of some Granny Flat Building Specialist. We at Armour building , have a team of expert Granny Flat builders in Homebush, NSW, who have years of knowledge as well as experience in constructing a granny flat sydeny in NSW.

If you throw a party at your home, you can use the granny flat as a party area and your guests will also like that. As we construct them from a concrete slab to a finished house, we think of them as miniature homes in your backyard. Every house is unique, with unique privacy, lighting, floors and existing building requirements. Our skilled building and design consultants will pay attention to your wishes and needs and can visit your home to give you advice on what would work best for your backyard based on your budget and current property layout.

Some clients choose to construct in phases. We may construct a locked-up structure for you with the necessary pre-lay plumbing permissions, allowing you to decide when to move forward with adding a kitchen, bathroom, laundry and decorating as your needs and budget require.

Make your dream home a reality with help of Granny Flat Builders NSW and add extra space with the Granny flat Sydeny.

Call now! Granny Flat Building expert in Homebush, NSW who understand what quality is about.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a granny flat? 

A granny flat in Sydney typically takes anywhere between 12-15 weeks to complete, assuming design and other approvals are completed. However it’s important to consider a number of variables that can impact completion time, including the size and complexity of the project, materials used, and the efficiency of communication of all parties involved.

A small, prefabricated granny flat granny flat can be built within a few weeks, but a larger, custom project can take several months depending on the above factors mentioned. This is simply because of the additional requirement of resources and attention.

Armour Building employs some of Sydney’s best, most reliable trades and suppliers, which allows us to mitigate the entire process, ensuring a seamless and timely experience.

How much does it cost to build a granny flat in Sydney? (landing page & main site)

To build a granny flat in Sydney, you’d need a budget of at least $100k, however there are countless factors that play a part in the overall cost, which can sometimes lead to increases in expected costs. Depending on things like earthworks, electrical and plumbing, insulation, painting and more, the cost can go up significantly, so it’s important you work with someone that can help ensure you’re not only quoted as accurately as possible, but also ensure you build the granny flat of your dreams.

Armour Building is big on transparency, and so we’ll make sure to work with you to make the most out of your budget, ensuring we’ve considered every possible outcome and option for your project, giving you a complete, turn-key solution.

Can I build a granny flat without council approval in Sydney? (landing page & main site)

The short answer – yes, you can build a granny flat in Sydney without requiring traditional approval from the local council, provided the home and land belongs to you. Thanks to an update in NSW legislation about a decade ago, you can now obtain what’s called a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), which is a fast-tracked approval process, which is akin to gaining approval for let’s say, a swimming pool or removing a tree. 

Armour Building can help you obtain all the documentation and approvals required in order to build your granny flat, to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing, and how to do it.

Why build with Armour Building? (landing page & main site)

Armour Building has been in the industry for over 20+ years, having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and having successfully completed over 650 projects across Sydney. But there are many experienced builders out there, so we understand that this may not be all that you’re looking for.

In our experience, we’ve found that one of the biggest things people look for when building a granny flat is transparency and effective project management. There have been countless horror stories of projects being delayed by months due to inefficient communication, management and understanding of the clients vision. With us, you can be confident in knowing that we’ll take every step with your best interests in mind, to ensure you’re not only happy with the end result, but also with the journey you’ve taken with us too.

What’s the difference between a custom granny flat and a prefabrication?

There are a number of differences between custom built granny flats and “prefabs”. Custom granny flats are unique living spaces designed and built in alignment with a clients specific needs and vision in mind. The design elements are also completely and entirely up to you, the client, meaning the project can be tailored to your preferences, needs and available space.

On the other hand, “prefabs” are pre-made granny flats that are built off site and transported to the site location. Some of the benefits that come with “prefabs” include savings in cost, faster turnaround times, minimal on-site construction.

Deciding between the two will come down to what is more of a priority for you. If you have a specific design in mind, and you have sufficient budget, then a custom built granny flat would work best. If you’d rather save on cost and time, and you’re not fussed about having a custom design, then a prefab would be best.

How big can I build my granny flat?

Although it would be great if you could build your granny flat without limitations, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to when building your granny flat in New South Wales. The maximum size you can build a granny flat is 60m2 not including decks, patios porches or garages. It’s important to note that your specific size limitations will be determined by your local council restrictions.

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